Resources for Planning and Built Environment Professionals

Natural Learning Initiative

This research and extension program of the College of Design at North Carolina State University, lead by Dr. Robin Moore, conducts research on the importance of outdoor activity in early childhood.
Natural Learning Initiative Resources:

Looking for easy tips and information on the benefits of outdoor play? This publication gives advice on creating natural play areas that allow children (and adults) to actively interact with natural surroundings.

Come Alive Outside

The Come Alive Outside Movement is a movement within the professional landscape industry to start finding ways to encourage communities back into the great outdoors. Business professionals across North America, in partnership with the Professional Landcare Network and The "Smart Company" Sponsors, provide inspiration and support and work with their communities to organize events and create outdoor spaces that remind people of the joys of outdoor living.

Young Children Need Room to Stretch Their Minds

Children begin learning about themselves and their world at a remarkably early age, a fact that has far-reaching ramifications for those responsible for designing environments for early childhood learning. For additional research, please visit our research page.