Play Alliance

The Play Alliance is led by BeActive Kids project of Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation

The United Nations’ Declaration of the Rights of the Child, which in Article 7 states, “The child shall have full opportunity to play and recreation, which should be directed to the same purposes as education; society and the public authorities shall endeavor to promote the enjoyment of this right.”

The Early Childhood Active Play Alliance will bring together international, national, and statewide experts to focus on practical efforts for improving the health of young children through playful experiences and opportunities.


NC PLay Alliance and NCCAN! encourage hosting of a PLay Daze in your community.
Everything you need to host a Play Daze event is included in the attached 2013 Play Daze Planner. You can also download it from the Be Active Kids website for free.(Lots of great resources on this website including our conference presentations and picture/info on our Play Mobile and Play Pod)

Your Play Daze event can be anytime of the year. It's a great way to collaborate with your local AEYC and/or local Partnership. We encourage care centers, primary and elementary schools, afterschool programs, summer program to eventually host their own or invest in a Play Pod (shed for storage of loose parts) so that quality active free play happens everyday!

For more information on Play Pods visit: and watch a short video.

Sept 20-22 Annual Play Daze Weekend

October 5th - Global Day of Play
Caine's Arcade:
Caine, a 9 year old boy, has created a global movement!
Our Global Cardboard Challenge invites kids around the world to design and build awesome creations using cardboard, recycled materials and imagination. The Challenge culminates in a Global Day of Play on October 5th, bringing communities together to celebrate the creativity and imagination of kids everywhere.

Nov 20th -Children's Day USA

April 17-19th - Week Of Young Child

April: Let's G.O.! (Get Outside) (NC Children and Nature Network)

June 30th - International Mud Day


What is Play:

  • PLAY is communication and expression, combining thought and action; it gives satisfaction and a feeling of achievement.
  •  PLAY is instinctive, voluntary, and spontaneous.
  • PLAY helps children develop physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.
  • PLAY is a means of learning to live, not a mere passing of time.
  • PLAY, along with the basic needs of nutrition, health, shelter and education, is vital to develop the potential of all children.

A Call to Action:

Increase awareness about the importance of children’s play while increasing the opportunities and time children spend engaged in play.

Check out the information on the Play Alliance  by clicking here.